As a woman who has always valued being pampered and investing in self-care, Founder Beth Hansen is passionate about delivering the best experience possible for each and every client. Beth has invested years into developing the Scalp Shop SA which custom tailors treatment plans for each individual. One size fits all? Beth doesn’t believe in it. Which is why her patients see results.

Beth is renowned for her attention to detail which she brings to all aspects of her business to ensure the ultimate in client satisfaction.  If you are looking for a permanent solution for hair loss and thinning, then think Scalp Shop SA, Beth can deliver a safe alternative to hair transplant surgery and other techniques which has no side effects and does not require ongoing maintenance. It’s simple and affordable which restores confidence in no time at all.


Beth Hanson, Aesthetician

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Over 2,000 Procedures Performed
  • All New Procedures include a Complimentary Touch Up

I place health and safety at the forefront of my practice, always striving to create optimal results with excellent customer service. My integrated approach to health and beauty ensures that no matter what decade of life you are in, I have services to support your aesthetic and wellness goals.  To make an appointment or to learn more about all of the options regarding my permanent make-up services, please give Scalp Shop SA a call today 210-504-4662.

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