Scalp Shop San Antonio uses a process called Scalp Micro Pigmentation that provides clients with a clean, permanently cropped hairstyle. Clients leave with a full head of hair with an appearance of a close cut.   
Free consultation2019-08-28T19:38:39-05:00

Scalp micropigmentation can be blended into any hair color. At the free consultation you will see Beth in person and she can answer any question you may have. Call 210-504-4662 or book online here

Does scalp micropigmentation look natural?2019-08-28T19:34:59-05:00

With our years of experience and skill you can rest assured your scalp micropigmentation result will exceed all your expectations. Every client David has had is surprised with the natural result we create. Clients walk away with a fashionable buzz cut hairstyle.

How long does the treatment take?2019-08-28T19:34:31-05:00

There are 3 treatments in total a minimum of 7 days between treatments and each session takes between 3-4 hours.

What if I have grey hair?2019-08-28T19:34:06-05:00

Most people become gray in a mixed way with their own hair color. We blend a slightly darker miropigmentation into your scalp and hair which creates a natural salt and pepper look. You can discuss with David at the consultation.

Are there any side effects?2019-08-28T19:33:40-05:00

Scalp micropigmentation have no side effects, after each scalp treatment it feels like mild sunburn sensation for a few hours.

Does scalp micropigmentation work on darker skin tones?2019-08-28T19:32:56-05:00

Yes, we can match scalp micropigmentation with any hair color with and pride ourselves on creating a fashionable natural look.

Is scalp micropigmention permanent?2019-08-28T19:32:30-05:00

The procedure is semi-permanent lasting 7-10 years fading gradually. The extent of fading depends on the individuals’ and over time SMP still looks great. Is is good to come back for a 1 treatment top-up after 4-5 years.

Is color adjusted to suit skin & hair color?2019-08-28T19:31:46-05:00

Yes, the scalp pigment color is always adapted to the individual. Adjusting the color is one of the most important aspect of the treatment. That and a natural hairline, this is true for both hair and skin color.

Difference between scalp micropigmentation and a regular tattoo2019-08-28T19:31:05-05:00

Scalp mircopigmentation requires a highly experienced practitioner, a specialised machine, scalp pigments to create a premium indetectable fashionable result. The technique used with SMP is all about using fine detail to obtain the desired natural look. Our premium results come from our attention to detail and years of experience.

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